For only $50/month you can help a child direct their own lives, achieve autonomy and break the bondage of poverty.



Heart to Heart’s programs center on giving children the chance to develop in five strategic areas: academically, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Through education, children are able to direct their own lives, achieve autonomy and break the bondage of poverty. Join Heart to Heart Haiti as we seek to bring compassion and justice to the world’s poorest people. As a child sponsor, you can give a child hope for a better tomorrow.

H2H is run by volunteers, and we rely on our sponsorship program to help us meet the daily needs of the children in our care. Your monthly donation of $50 CAD provides food, education, basic medical needs, school textbooks and supplies, a school uniform and housing expenses. We also also use the sponsorship donations to employ Haitian staff as teachers, cooks, laundry ladies and a handy-man for the operation of the Children’s Home and school. (Any foreign staff raises their own support.)

Since it is difficult for us to maintain current personal information on the children that attend our school, we have limited our pool of children needing sponsorship to those living in the Children’s Home. This means we need at least 4 sponsors per child in order to take care of 115+ children in our Home and educate & feed the 550+ community students enrolled in our School.


How do I sponsor a child?

For your convenience we have automated debit where your sponsorship donations can be withdrawn monthly from your account. You can fill out the Auto Debit Form online by clicking here. Or you can simply email [email protected].

What percentage of my money goes to Haiti?

Heart to Heart is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board. 96% of your donations go directly to costs associated with caring for our children. The only funds that do not go directly towards the daily care of our children in Haiti would be to pay for a small amount of administrative costs.

How long does sponsorship last?

You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time, but we would love it if you could commit for at least one year.

What happens after my child finishes grade 10?

Students who wish to carry on with their education can attend one of the high schools in the town of Grande Goave. Once a student is near the completion of his high school education, he or she can then apply to our Scholarship Program to attend a professional, technical or trade school. Our Scholarship Program is separately funded, and the number of students we can send to post-secondary school is entirely dependent on funds raised. More and more of our students are hoping to further their post-secondary education, as this is one of the few ways they are able to compete for jobs paying above the poverty line. If you would like further information about this program, please email [email protected]. To donate, please go to our Paypal button and in the memo line, type, “Scholarship Program”. You can also send a cheque to our treasurer at 35138 Page Road, Abbotsford, BC, V3G 1N8. Make sure to write “Scholarship Program” in the memo line.

Will you keep me updated on my sponsor child?

Yes. We will send you two newsletters every year – one in January and one in summer. You will also receive a letter or card from your child or classroom twice a year. Urgent information is sent out by email as required.

What language does my sponsored child speak and read?

All of our children speak Creole, which is a mix of French and African dialect. This is their primary language. While attending school, they learn to read and write French and some basic English.

Can I send packages and cards to my sponsored child?

If you would like to send gifts, there are two ways of doing that. One is to purchase a gift in your local town and mail it to us here in Abbotsford where we store it until a team or container of goods leaves for Haiti. The other option is to go to the Give page, then “Send a Gift”. We then send that money directly to Haiti and a representative takes the child to the local market to purchase a gift for him or her. We encourage sponsors to use this second option, as it not only is a treat for the children to be taken shopping, but it also benefits the local economy in Haiti. Unfortunately, we cannot send gifts directly to Haiti, as the cost of duty and taxes is prohibitive.


If you’re ready to set a child free from the bondage of poverty, click the link below and fill out the form!